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Buendia Productions to Expand Concert Series

[September 16th 2019, Minneapolis, Minnesota]. Today, Buendia Productions announced the expansion of their Rock in Spanish concert series in the Midwest. The calendar includes shows for the remainder of the year as well as into the first half of 2020. The calendar for late 2020 is already planned, but it was not released yet.

The “Rock en tu Idioma” concert series brings to life the best of Spanish and Latin America rock bands that were widely spread during the 80’s and the 90’s. The calendar includes concerts from the best rock in Spanish cover bands in the country, with fresh addition of the best tribute bands of the most iconic Spanish rock groups of the era. The concert series is also looking to expand into other Midwest cities, with the purpose to expand the reach of Spanish rock to broader audiences in the Midwest.

This calendar also demonstrates a stronger cooperation between the Minneapolis-based Buendia Productions and the best Spanish rock bands in the country. This concert series also strengthens their partnership with top-quality concert venues in the Twin Cities and the Midwest. Buendia Production is also planning additional concerts series for adjacent music genres, but they are keeping the plans secret for now.

For more information about Buendia Productions’ calendar of events, you can sign up for their newsletter at their website at or follow them in Facebook @buendiashows.

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