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Rock en tu Idioma arrives to Milwaukee, WI

[February 5th, 2020] After a huge success in 2019 and so far in 2020, Buendia Productions is expanding their “Rock En Tu Idioma” concert series to Milwaukee this March 20th.

The nationally recognized Chicago-based cover band “Sin Anestesia” will perform their best “rock en español” concert at the Turner Hall in Milwaukee for the first time. The audience will sing and dance to the best classic hits from Soda Stereo, Miguel Mateos, Hombres G, Mana, Enanitos Verdes and many more.

This time, the act will be supported by Minneapolis-based band “Alma Andina”, who is going to ignite the night by bringing familiar sounds from Latin America, also performing the best hits from Spanish rock from the 80s and 90s.

The audience will be taken back to the nostalgic memories of the golden era with the Latin rock music that marked a chapter in their life that will come alive during the concert. As with all of Buendia Production’s shows, audience should expect great sound, contagious energy from band and crowd, intimate venue setting, and flawless logistics from the production team.

Tickets are now available at: CODE: SODA)

Buendia Productions will soon release an updated calendar of events including more “Rock en tu Idioma” concerts in Milwaukee, also featuring local bands from Wisconsin.

For more information about Buendia Productions’ calendar of events, you can sign up for their newsletter at their website at or follow them in Facebook @BuendiaShows

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